Shared hosting is one of the most common hosting plans. In shared hosting, hundreds of websites are stored and hosted on a single server. That server can be a dedicated server or VPS.

Shared hosting can be related to, living in an apartment building. All of the residents share the same building, but share things like elevators and stairwells, car parking, play grounds, courtyards, etc. In shared hosting, these amenities would be CPU usage, memory, and web space.

Dedicated hosting is different from shared hosting as none of the resources are shared. All resources of the server belong to you. Dedicated hosting is similar to your own house. You don’t have to worry about sharing any resources with neighbors. Everything is private.

Also the dedicated hosting is under your control. You can update restart and run any web hosting applications or any others.
What are the advantages

Shared Hosting:


As for shared hosting-It’s cheap. We offers the starting pack at free of cost , easy to get started with shared hosting compared to other hosting options. Shared hosting is manged by the company, as a result- security, upgrades and maintenance of the server are managed for you.

If you don’t get heavy traffic on your website, or your website does not require a large amount of resources, shared hosting is a perfect option. As resources are shared, smaller websites which don’t use as many resources can run efficiently.

Shared hosting generally comes with an easy to use control panel, where you can configure your account settings, and also install CMS (wordpress, joomla, Drupal) and configure domain settings.

Dedicated Hosting:

You have a dedicated server with full access to all settings and can completely customize the server to suit your website’s need.

It’s fast as 100% server resources are only for you. Since you can tailor the server to meet the exact specifications you need for your site,that allows for optimal performance, helping with Google rankings and SEO.

Most dedicated servers are Ddos protected, at least ours’ dedicated servers are, make your site safe and live from Ddos attack or SQL injection.

What are the disadvantages

Shared Hosting:

The limitations of sharing resources is the one of the obvious disadvantage. Thousands or hundreds of websites on one server, shared hosting servers restrict the amount of resources that you can use, thus the performance is very bad and the speed you will get is also relatively bad. Your website may experience slowness or downtime, if you get sudden raise of traffic, due to resource restrictions.

As you sharing resources with others, a memory leak or malware on the server can affect your site and others.

You can’t customize your hosting environment, because server customization can affect other websites on the server in different ways. Due to this, when on shared hosting you are required to use the standard server configuration.
Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting provide the best features, as of that, the price is higher compared to shared hosting. It is one of the most expensive hosting plan in the market. All additional features for better performance and security also comes at a cost.

You need skilled technical staff or you must know how to maintain and optimize the server. You’re responsible for your server so if something goes wrong it’s up to you to fix it, not the hosting company.

Shared hosting is the cheapest option and is known as being the easiest to get started with. It is generally the perfect hosting package for starters or smaller websites.

Dedicated hosting comes with more power and flexibility to the table, but also comes with responsibility.

While choosing the types make sure:-

It’s best for you
If anything goes wrong you can manage or you have enough technical staffs
Economically suitable
Fully Flexible

We hope through the article you must be clear which one is best for you.

You can check our solution for your needs.

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